Wednesday, October 02, 2019


Yet This Is Reckoned Life

Ben Jonson (1572-1637), Volpone 1.4.144-159:
So many cares, so many maladies,
So many fears attending on old age,        145
Yea, death so often call'd on, as no wish
Can be more frequent with 'em, their limbs faint,
Their senses dull, their seeing, hearing, going,
All dead before them; yea, their very teeth,
Their instruments of eating, failing them:        150
Yet this is reckon'd life! nay, here was one;
Is now gone home, that wishes to live longer!
Feels not his gout, nor palsy; feigns himself
Younger by scores of years, flatters his age
With confident belying it, hopes he may,        155
With charms, like Aeson, have his youth restor'd:
And with these thoughts so battens, as if fate
Would be as easily cheated on, as he,
And all turns air!
148 going: walking

149 before them: before they are

156 Aeson: restored to life and youth by Medea

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