Monday, November 11, 2019



Homer, Iliad 13.431-432 (describing Hippodameia; tr. Richmond Lattimore):
...since she surpassed all the girls of her own age
for beauty and accomplishments and wit...

              ...πᾶσαν γὰρ ὁμηλικίην ἐκέκαστο
κάλλεϊ καὶ ἔργοισιν ἰδὲ φρεσί...
This sounds like my daughter.

ἐκέκαστο is pluperfect of καίνυμαι (surpass, excel) — "the pluperfect commonly functions as imperf." according to Middle Liddell s.v. Likewise Richard John Cunliffe, Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect (1924; rpt. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1963), p. 207.

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