Wednesday, November 06, 2019


The King of Podical Sternutations

The Laughable Stories Collected by Mâr Gregory John Bar Hebræus. The Syriac Text Edited with an English Translation by E.A. Wallis Budge (London, Luzac and Co., 1897), p. 161 (number DCXLII):
Another lunatic was boasting that he was a king in the time of Hercules, and when a certain nobleman said to him, "Thou art the king of podical sternutations", he replied, "If I were what thy words say I am, my kingdom would be greater and much more vast than that of Hercules, because podical sternutations are much more numerous than Greeks."
The phrase "podical sternutations" should be easily intelligible by anyone who knows Latin, but for the benefit of the Latinless, here are some hints:
A podical sternutation is therefore an anal sneeze, or passage of gas from below. I know someone whose recent misbehavior on an airplane flight qualifies him to be called the King of Podical Sternutations.


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