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Rudyard Kipling, letter to Colonel H.W. Feilden (15-19 March 1911), describing lunch at the Lion d'Or in Perpignan, in The Letters of Rudyard Kipling, Vol. 4: 1911-19, ed. Thomas Pinney (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 1999), p. 19:
Then he produced a lunch of a beauty and a succulence which made one weep.
item: a locally made pate de foie gras (fresh and lovely)
Oysters from Arcachon (weeping bitterly I had to pass them).
Omelette with tips of wild asparagus! (a dream)
Grilled sole (a revelation!)
Tripes a la mode de Caen. (a delight!)
fresh peas from the Spanish frontier with a tournedos sitting on a crust of bread soaked in some magic sauce!!! (Indescribable!)
Then a soufflé unlike any soufflé that ever souffled, with strawberry jam of whole strawberries. C. says I didn't play the game: but shirked while she gorged herself to the edge of apoplexy. I deny this. I stuffed me to the limit of rotundity.
C. = his wife Carrie.

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