Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Juvenal's Tenth Satire

Byron, letter to Francis Hodgson (September 9, 1811), in 'Famous in my time': Byron's Letters and Journals, ed. Leslie A. Marchand, Vol. 2: 1810-1812 (Cambridge: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1973), p. 105, with the editor's note:
I have been a good deal in your company lately, for I have been reading Juvenal & Lady Jane &ca.1 for the first time since my return.—The 10th Sat[ir]e has always been my favourite as I suppose indeed of every body's, it is the finest recipe for making one miserable with this life, & content to walk out of it, in any language.—I should think it might be redde with great effect to a man dying without much pain, in preference to all the stuff that ever was said or sung in churches.

1 Hodgson had published a translation of Juvenal in 1807, and Lady Jane Grey, a Tale; and Other Poems in 1809.

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