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Seneca, On Consolation to his Mother Helvia 7.5 (tr. John W. Basore):
Different peoples have been impelled by different reasons to leave their homes. But at least this is clear—none has stayed in the place where it was born. The human race is constantly rushing to and fro; in this vast world some change takes place every day. The foundations of new cities are laid, the names of new nations arise, while former ones are blotted out or lost by annexation with a stronger.

alios alia causa excivit domibus suis; illud utique manifestum est, nihil eodem loco mansisse, quo genitum est. adsiduus generis humani discursus est; cotidie aliquid in tam magno orbe mutatur. nova urbium fundamenta iaciuntur, nova gentium nomina extinctis prioribus aut in accessionem validioris conversis oriuntur.
Id. 7.10:
In short, you will scarcely find any land in which there dwells to this day a native population; everywhere the inhabitants are of mongrel and ingrafted stock.

vix denique invenies ullam terram, quam etiamnunc indigenae colant; permixta omnia et insiticia sunt.

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