Monday, March 16, 2020


An Eccentric Englishman

Curtis Cate (1924-2006), Friedrich Nietzsche (London: Hutchinson, 2003), p. xvi:
Thanks to three remarkable teachers: Professor Crane Brinton, who had me read the first part of The Genealogy of Morals in order to understand the psychological phenomenon of revolutionary resentment; the omnivorous Paul Peter Cram, a walking encyclopedia of facts and dates covering two thousand years of European history, who first introduced me to the Spanish philosopher, Ortega y Gasset; and an eccentric Englishman, Arthur Dobby Nock, whose opening words, in an enthralling course on the History of Religions — 'God is the name we give to the Great Unknown' — made me realize that to claim to 'know' the precise nature of this Divinity in any meaningful sense is a sacrilegious presumption on the part of mortal beings.
His name was Arthur Darby Nock, not Arthur Dobby Nock. And who is Paul Peter Cram?

Dear Mike,

I suspect this is your man:

Paul Perham Cram, for many years an instructor in history at Harvard University, was killed Monday afternoon in a horseback riding accident at Hopkinton, N.H. He was 72 years old.

Best wishes,
Eric [Thomson]


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