Sunday, November 06, 2005


I Say Gutta, You Say Guttur

United States Senator Jon Corzine, running for governor of New Jersey:
A, not true. B, I’m not going to comment on the kind of, I think, low, guttural politics that's going on over and over in this state, and I think the ad that was talked about was just symptomatic of that.
Online Etymology Dictionary, s.v. gutter:
1280, Anglo-Norman gotere, from O.Fr. guitere, from goute "a drop," from L. gutta. Originally "a watercourse," later "furrow made by running water" (1586). Meaning "trough under the eaves of a roof to carry off rainwater" is from 1354. Figurative sense of "low, profane" is from 1818.
Online Etymology Dictionary, s.v. guttural:
1594, from M.Fr. guttural, from L. guttur "throat."

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