Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Euripides, Orestes 792 (tr. E.P. Coleridge):
A wretched task, to come in contact with a sick man.

δυσχερὲς ψαύειν νοσοῦντος ἀνδρός.
M.L. West, commentary ad loc. (Warminster: Aris & Phillips, 1987), p. 237:
There is no more touching depiction of affection in Greek art than the cup by the Brygos Painter which shows a girl tenderly holding a young man's head while he vomits over her feet.
This is apparently Würzburg L 479, shown below. How touching it is, you judge.

There is a more detailed image here.

The young man is sick because he drank too much. The girl is a courtesan. This post might have been more appropriate yesterday, for Mardi Gras, which probably saw many similar acts of affection.

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