Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Latin Prepositions

I found these mnemonic rhymes in an old notebook, with no indication of source. Google reveals that they're on the WWW in a few places, but I thought they might be new to some readers of this blog.

Prepositions with accusative
Ante, apud, ad, adversus,
Circum, circa, citra, cis,
Contra, inter, erga, extra,
Infra, intra, iuxta, ob,
Penes, pone, post, and praeter,
Prope, propter, per, secundum,
Supra, versus, ultra, trans:
Add super, subter, sub, and in,
When 'motion' 'tis, not 'state' they mean.
Prepositions with ablative
A, ab, absque, coram, de,
Palam, clam, cum, ex, and e,
Sine, tenus, pro, and prae:
Add super, subter, sub, and in,
When 'state,' not 'motion,' 'tis they mean.

Update: Close by in the same notebook, I found this:
F.G. Moore, "A Grammatical Excursion," Classical Weekly 8 (1914-1915) 81-87, on mnemonic devices to help learn Latin grammar.
So perhaps that's the source.

Another update: David Gwynne-Jones reports (via email), "I learnt the list in the early 60s at Prep School from Kennedy's Shorter Latin Primer."

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