Thursday, December 07, 2006


Kierkegaard's Tomb

According to a BBC story, during Pope Benedict's visit to Turkey a protester displayed a placard that read:
We spit on the tomb of Jesus' S Kikeerguard.
Presumably this has some obscure connection with Christianity and Danish cartoons mocking Mohammed.

In his Journals (May 14, 1847, tr. Alexander Dru), Kierkegaard wrote:
I wish that on my grave might be put "the individual."
This wish was not granted. You can find a photograph of Kierkegaard's tomb here, with an inscription translated as:
Søren Aabye Kierkegaard. Born May 5, 1813. Died November 11, 1855. Just a short while, then I have won. Then the whole struggle entirely disappears. Then I can rest in halls of roses and talk with my Jesus without ceasing.
The words after the death date are not from Kierkegaard's writings, but from Hans Adolph Brorson's hymn "Halleluja, jeg har min Jesum funden."

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