Sunday, March 11, 2007


Portrait of Myself

Montaigne, Essais 1.25 (tr. E.J. Trechmann):
I know one who, when I question him on what he knows, asks me for a book to show it me, and will not venture to tell me he has an itchy backside without straightway consulting his lexicon to find the meaning of 'itchy' and of 'backside'.

J'en cognoy, à qui quand je demande ce qu'il sçait, il me demande un livre pour le monstrer: et n'oseroit me dire, qu'il a le derriere galeux, s'il ne va sur le champ estudier en son lexicon que c'est que galeux, et que c'est que derriere.
Itchy: Having or causing an itching sensation.
Backside: The buttocks; rump.

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