Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Ogden Nash in Latin

In last week's mail I received a copy of Ave Ogden! Nash in Latin. Poems by Ogden Nash, translated by James C. Gleeson and Brian N. Meyer (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1973), a delightful book.

At first I thought it was a Father's Day present, but my children insist they know nothing about it. I can only conclude that it is a gift from some generous reader of this blog, to whom I say "Thank you!"

Here is a somewhat uncharacteristic sample, not exactly in Nash's lightest vein:

People expect old men to die,
They do not really mourn old men.
Old men are different. People look
At them with eyes that wonder when...
People watch with unshocked eyes;
But the old men know when an old man dies.


Homines expectant morituros senes,
None vere lugent senes illi.
Senes diversi. Homines spectant
Oculis mirantibus quando ei...
Impercussis oculis observant homines;
Sed senem mori sciunt senes.

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