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Quotations about Complaints

The description of this blog reads:
Complaints and quotations about this and that by a "laudator temporis acti," a "praiser of time past" (Horace, Ars Poetica 173).
Quotations about complaints are therefore not out of place. Here is one from Cervantes, Don Quixote, I, 8 (tr. Walter Starkie):
"God's will be done," said Sancho. "I'll believe all your worship says; but straighten yourself a bit in the saddle, for you seem to be leaning over on one side, which must be from the bruises you received in your fall."

"That is true," replied Don Quixote, "and if I do not complain, it is because knights-errant must never complain of any wound, even though their guts are protruding from them."

"If that be so, I've no more to say," answered Sancho, "but God knows I'd be glad to hear you complain when anything hurts you. As for myself, I'll never fail to complain at the smallest twinge, unless this business of not complaining applies also to squires."

Don Quixote could not help laughing at the simplicity of his squire and told him that he might complain whenever he pleased and to his heart's content, for he had never read anything to the contrary in the order of chivalry.
Cf. Schiller, Don Carlos, I, 4:
Great souls suffer in silence.

Grosse Seelen dulden still.
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