Monday, March 17, 2008


Too Much Pickedness Is Not Manly

Mohammed Abbas, "Chuck Norris the only WMD in Iraq, say US troops" (Reuters, March 10, 2008):
Soldiers cited many reasons for his appeal. Some appreciated his films and fighting ability — Norris is a martial arts guru, and many of his films have military themes.

Others said the masculine and plainly dressed actor was an antidote to the preening and moisturised metrosexual male.
Ben Jonson, Explorata; or Discoveries, CXI (De mollibus et effoeminatis):
There is nothing valiant or solid to be hoped for from such as are always kempt and perfumed, and every day smell of the tailor; the exceedingly curious, that are wholly in mending such an imperfection in the face, in taking away the morphew in the neck, or bleaching their hands at midnight, gumming and bridling their beards, or making the waist small, binding it with hoops, while the mind runs at waste: too much pickedness is not manly.

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