Saturday, October 24, 2009


Illustrations of the Heliades

Searching for illustrations of the Heliades turning into poplar trees, I found a couple of 16th century examples. The first is from a 1591 edition of Ovid:

The second is a fresco by Santi di Tito (1536-1603):

But the most serendipitous find was a painting by a contemporary artist, Paul Reid, born in 1975:

Reid confines himself mostly to mythological subjects. "There's plenty enough in classical myth," he said.

Laura Gascoigne has written enthusiastically and perceptively about Paul Reid and his work in:Duncan Macmillan, in "Can the age of gods speak to us today?," The Scotsman (June 6, 2008), a review of an exhibition of Paul Reid's paintings and drawings at Perth Museum and Art Gallery, is snarky: "stiffly posed figures," "old-fashioned pictures," "stagey," "not even postmodern."

To this laudator temporis acti, Paul Reid's paintings of mythological subjects are a refreshing oasis in the postmodern wasteland.

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