Friday, March 02, 2012


All About

Paul Krugman, "Four Fiscal Phonies," New York Times (March 1, 2012, emphasis added):
To put it in Romneyesque terms, it’s all about finding an excuse to slash programs that help people who like to watch Nascar events, even while lavishing tax cuts on people who like to own Nascar teams.
This annoying expression is now ubiquitous. Just on Google News for March 2, 2012, I find 400 hits for "I'm all about" (e.g. "I'm all about the big picture"), 13,500 for "it's all about" (e.g. "It's all about what's inside you, what's driving you"), 200 for "he's all about" (e.g. "Chris Brown says he's all about positivity on his new album"), 42 for "you're all about" (e.g. "You're all about finding the next big challenge"), 790 for "we're all about" (e.g. "I want people to know that we're all about Jesus").


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