Saturday, February 02, 2013


What Unites Us, and Something to Believe In

Peter Oppenheimer, introduction to Love and Blessings: The Autobiography of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati (Narayana Gurukula, 2003), p. xxvi:
Nitya and a small entourage were passing through Las Vegas, and the anchorman of a local TV affiliate arranged an interview. Cameras ready and notebook in hand, he asked a few innocuous questions, building to a stereotyped climax. Prepared for soundbite revelation, he pitched a slow one over the plate: "And what kind of belief is it that binds your group together?" Nitya looked thoughtfully into the middle distance and slowly answered, "We are all united by our...deep love...of the avocado."
Anton Chekhov, The Two Volodyas (tr. Constance Garnett):
"Here, you are a clever man, Volodya," said Sofya Lvovna. "Show me how to do what Olga has done. Of course, I am not a believer and should not go into a nunnery, but one can do something equivalent. Life isn't easy for me," she added after a brief pause. "Tell me what to do....Tell me something I can believe in. Tell me something, if it's only one word."

"One word? By all means: tararaboomdeeay."

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