Thursday, March 28, 2013


Rest Stop

Greek Anthology 10.13 (Satyrus, tr. W.R. Paton):
How lovely are the laurels and the spring that gushes at their feet, while the dense grove gives shade, luxuriant, traversed by Zephyrs, a protection to wayfarers from thirst and toil and the burning sun!

Ἦ καλὸν αἱ δάφναι, καλὸν δ᾽ ὑπὸ πυθμέσιν ὕδωρ
  πιδύει, πυκινὸν δ᾽ ἄλσος ὑποσκιάει
τηλεθάον, ζεφύροισιν ἐπίδρομον, ἄλκαρ ὁδίταις
  δίψης καὶ καμάτου καὶ φλογὸς ἠελίου.

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