Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Others Might

Peter Pindar, i.e. John Wolcot (1738-1819), "The Toper and the Flies":
A group of topers at a table sat,
With punch that much regales the thirsty soul:
Flies soon the party joined, and joined the chat,
Humming, and pitching round the mantling bowl.

At length those flies got drunk, and for their sin,
Some hundreds lost their legs, and tumbled in;
And sprawling 'midst the gulph profound,
Like Pharoah and his daring host, were drowned!

Wanting to drink—one of the men
Dipped from the bowl the drunken host,
And drank—then taking care that none were lost,
He put in every mother's son agen.

Up jumped the Bacchanalian crew on this,
Taking it very much amiss—
Swearing, and in the attitude to smite:—
"Lord!" cried the man, with gravely-lifted eyes,
"Though I don't like to swallow flies,
I did not know but others might."

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