Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A God Dwells Here

Vergil, Aeneid 8.351-352 (tr. H. Rushton Fairclough):
"This grove," he cries, "this hill with its leafy crown,—though we know not what god it is—is yet a god's home..."

"hoc nemus, hunc," inquit, "frondoso vertice collem,
quis deus incertum est, habitat deus..."
Ovid, Fasti 3.295-296 (tr. James George Frazer):
Under the Aventine there lay a grove black with the shade of holm-oaks; at the sight of it, you could say, "There is a spirit here."

lucus Aventino suberat niger ilicis umbra,
    quo posses viso dicere, "numen inest."
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