Saturday, April 12, 2014


Epistulae ex Ponto 4.17

Kenneth White, "Recalling Ovid," Open World: The Collected Poems 1960-2000 (Edinburgh: Polygon, 2003), p. 359:
Another Sarmatian winter setting in
goats blethering in what passes for a garden
rain falling when it isn't poisoned arrows
(how many summers since I smelled a Roman rose!)
eyes bleary, frosty weather on my chin        5

why bother writing yet another book?
well, it keeps my mind off stupid folk
the scratching of my stylus on the page
is music to my ears and cools my rage
I know now I'll be here until I croak        10

so, here's a man will listen to the snow
and let the hours come, long and slow
such distance and such silence, all I wish
salt fish is now my favourite dish
I was a famous Roman poet, long ago.        15
Hat tip: Eric Thomson.

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