Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Four Imperatives

Thomas Corsten, Die Inschriften von Kios (Bonn: Habelt, 1985 = Inschriften griechischer Städte aus Kleinasien, Bd. 29), pp. 138-139, no. 78 (on a gravestone):
πίε, φάγε, τρύφησον, ἀφροδισίασον,
τὰ δὲ ὧδε κάτω σκότος.
χαίρετε, παροδῖται.
I haven't seen Corsten's book. The Greek text above comes from the Packard Humanities Institute's Searchable Greek Inscriptions, here. My translation:
Drink, eat, have fun, make love.
Down here? Darkness.
Farewell, passers-by.
For other epitaphs of this sort see Richmond Lattimore, Themes in Greek and Latin Epitaphs (1935; rpt. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1962), pp. 260-262.

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Hat tip: Eric Thomson.

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