Wednesday, July 02, 2014


I've Earned It

Robert Gilfillan (1798-1850), "Young Willie, the Ploughman," 3rd stanza, Poems and Songs, 4th ed. (Edinburgh: Sutherland and Knox, 1851), p. 69:
The chiels that are christened to riches an' grandeur
Ken nought o' the pleasure that hard labour brings;
What in idleness comes they in idleness squander,
While the labouring man toils a' the lang day and sings!
Then why should we envy the great an' the noble,
The thocht is a kingdom—it's ours what we hae!
A boast that repays us for sair wark an' trouble,
'I've earned it!' is mair than a monarch can say.

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