Saturday, September 06, 2014


What to Read

Evelyn Abbott and Lewis Campbell, The Life and Letters of Benjamin Jowett, Vol. I (London: John Murray, 1897), p. 264:
His method was to read the great writers over and over again; 'One gets to know them in this way far better than in reading about them. I have read Sophocles hundreds of times.'
Hugh E.P. Platt, Byways in the Classics (Oxford: B.H. Blackwell, 1905), p. 146:
So I will end this little book, ut vineta egomet caedam mea, with a piece of advice which the first Lord Selborne gave to the late H.M. Wilkins, and Wilkins passed on to me,—we were all Scholars of Trinity, Oxford. It is this: READ THE CLASSICS RATHER THAN BOOKS ABOUT THE CLASSICS.

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