Sunday, May 17, 2015


The Religion of the Gourmand

Tertullian, On Fasting 16.8 (tr. S. Thelwall):
For to you your belly is god, and your lungs a temple, and your paunch a sacrificial altar, and your cook the priest, and your fragrant smell the Holy Spirit, and your condiments spiritual gifts, and your belching prophecy.

deus enim tibi venter est et pulmo templum et aqualiculus altare et sacerdos cocus et sanctus spiritus nidor et condimenta charismata et ructus prophetia.
Lewis & Short:
ăquālĭcŭlus, i, m. dim. [aqualis]; lit., a small vessel for water; hence,
I. The stomach, maw, SEN. Ep. 90; VEG. Vet. 1, 40. —
II. The belly, paunch: "pinguis aqualiculus", PERS. 1, 57.

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