Wednesday, May 25, 2016


A Climax in St. Jerome

There is a good example of the rhetorical device known as climax or gradatio in Jerome, Letters 14.7.2 (to Heliodorus; tr. W.H. Fremantle et al.):
But where there is no honor there is contempt; and where there is contempt there is frequent rudeness; and where there is rudeness there is vexation; and where there is vexation there is no rest; and where there is no rest the mind is apt to be diverted from its purpose.

sed ubi honor non est, ibi contemptus est; ubi contemptus, ibi frequens iniuria; ubi autem iniuria, ibi et indignatio; ubi indignatio, ibi quies nulla; ubi quies non est, ibi mens a proposito saepe deducitur.
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