Friday, November 11, 2016


The Aeneid

Keith Preston (1884-1927), "The Classics in a Nutshell," Splinters (New York: George H. Doran Company, 1921), p. 106:
(Modern reader's library)


Aeneas, with his little boy,
Slid down the fire escape from Troy.
He took the household bric-a-brac
He took his father pick-a-back.
His wife Creusa he forgot
(Although he loved her quite a lot).
She perished in the fire, poor dame!
He often thought of his old flame.

From Troy he sailed the raging tide, O!
To Carthage where he fell for Dido;
Then left her cold and went to hell
Came through and married very well.
No one had ever thought him bad,—
He was so sweet to his old dad.

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