Saturday, July 01, 2017


Be Careful Out There

Q. Tullius Cicero, Handbook of Electioneering 39 (tr. M.I. Henderson, rev. E.H. Warmington, further rev. D.R. Shackleton Bailey):
All things are full of deceit, snares, and treachery.

fraudis atque insidiarum et perfidiae plena sunt omnia.
Id. 54:
This is Rome—a conglomerate of nations, in which there are many snares, intrigues, and vices of all sorts, many people's insolence, contumacy, malice, haughtiness, animosity, and vexation to be borne.

Roma est, civitas ex nationum conventu constituta, in qua multae insidiae, multa fallacia, multa in omni genere vitia versantur, multorum adrogantia, multorum contumacia, multorum malevolentia, multorum superbia, multorum odium ac molestia perferenda est.

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