Sunday, April 08, 2018


Solar Myth

R.D. Dawe, review of Douglas Frame, The Myth of Return in Early Greek Epic (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1978), in Classical Journal 75.4 (April-May, 1980) 357-359 (at 358):
Frame explains that the Cyclops stands for the Sun himself because he goes out in the day and comes home at night. (If so, let the world know that Dr. Dawe is the Sun God, having precisely similar habits ... )
On p. 78 Frame treats us to a magnificently hilarious parody of a schoolboy essay: "there is less to say about the rôle of the sun in the final voyage of Odysseus. This voyage takes place by night ... "
Id. (at 359):
Dr. Frame is to be congratulated on slipping this splendid spoof on modern philological techniques and current trends in American literary criticism past the authorities of the Yale University Press.

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