Monday, April 22, 2019


The "No Platform" Movement

Alan Bullock (1914-2004), Hitler: A Study in Tyranny, rev. ed. (New York: Harper & Row, 1964), p. 72:
On 4 January 1921, Hitler told an audience in the Kindl Keller: 'The National Socialist Movement in Munich will in future ruthlessly prevent — if necessary by force — all meetings or lectures that are likely to distract the minds of our fellow countrymen.'3 In September of the same year Hitler personally led his followers in storming the platform of a meeting addressed by Ballerstedt of the federalist Bavarian League. When examined by the police commission which inquired into the incident, Hitler replied: 'It's all right. We got what we wanted. Ballerstedt did not speak.'4

3. Heiden: History of National Socialism (London, 1934), p. 31, quoting the report in the V.B. [Völkischer Beobachter]    4. ibid.

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