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Batman vppon Bartholome, his Booke De Proprietatibus Rerum, Newly corrected, enlarged and amended (London: Thomas East, [1582]), p. 216 (15.14):
Therefore one describeth the Englysh land in metre, as it followeth.
Anglia terra ferox, & fertilis, angulus orbis.
Insula praediues, quae toto vix eget orbe.
Et cuius totus indiget orbis ope.
Anglia plena iocis, gens libera, apta iocari.
Libera gens, cui libera mens, & libera lingua.
Sed lingua melior liberiorque manus.
These verses shew, that England is a strong land and sturdie, and the plenteoust corner of the worlde, so rich a land that vnneth it needeth helpe of any land, and euery other land needeth helpe of England. England is full of mirthe and of game, and men oft times able to mirth and game, free men of heart and with tongue, but the hand is more better, and more free than the tongue.
Ferox was originally ferax, I suspect.

Unneth = scarcely (Latin vix).

Batman is Stephen Batman or Bateman (16th century), and Bartholome is Bartholomaeus Anglicus (13th century).

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