Friday, June 28, 2019


Fix Fixed

Ovid, Tristia. Ex Ponto. With an English Translation by Arthur Leslie Wheeler. Second edition, revised by G.P. Goold (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1988, "Reprinted with corrections 1996" = Loeb Classical Library, 151), pp. 450-451 (Ex Ponto 4.8.47):
carmine fix vivax virtus...

By verse virtue lives on...
Correct fix to fit (carmine fit vivax virtus...). The mistake persists in the Digital Loeb Classical Library, as this screen capture shows:

The first edition (1924) is correct here (I checked the 1939 reprint), and the error crept in with Goold's revision. Oddly, the same mistake occurs in Eton Selections from Ovid and Tibullus. Electa ex Ovidio et Tibullo, ed. William Gifford Cookesley (Eton: E.P. Williams, 1860), p. 204.


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