Thursday, July 18, 2019



Cicero, On Invention 2.3.9 (tr. H.M. Hubbell):
But if it shall prove that I have been too rash in passing over some point in an author or have not followed him with sufficient discrimination, I shall, when someone points out my error, readily and gladly change my opinion. For disgrace lies not in imperfect knowledge but in foolish and obstinate continuance in a state of imperfect knowledge; for ignorance is attributed to the infirmity common to the human race, but obstinacy to a man's own fault.

sin autem temere aliquid alicuius praeterisse aut non satis eleganter secuti videbimur, docti ab aliquo facile et libenter sententiam commutabimus. non enim parum cognosse, sed in parum cognito stulte et diu perseverasse turpe est, propterea quod alterum communi hominum infirmitati, alterum singulari cuiusque vitio est attributum.

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