Monday, July 29, 2019


One of the Furies Speaks

Merobaudes, Panegyric II, lines 90-96 (tr. Frank M. Clover):
I will drive away the customs of ancestors and the spirit of old. Let the slothful and the vigorous be praised together with no distinction, and let there be no respect for the just; let Phoebus be disregarded, and eloquence be despised and perish; let honor befall the undeserving, and let not excellence, but chance govern the balance of affairs; let harsh desire and insane lust for savage gold rage in men's hearts.

maioru)m mores et pectora prisca fugabo:        90
segnes at)que simul nullo discrimine rerum
laudentur) fortes nec sit reverentia iustis
spretaque n)eglecto pereat facundia Phoebo,
indig)nis contingat honos et pondera rerum
non virt)us, sed casus agat tristisque cupido        95
cordibus et) saevi demens furor aestuet auri.

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