Friday, September 20, 2019


Lost in Translation

Sophocles, Women of Trachis 1040-1043 (tr. Hugh Lloyd-Jones):
O delighful Hades!
Ah, ah,
O brother of Zeus, put me to sleep, put me to sleep,
with a swift death killing the miserable one!

ὦ γλυκὺς Ἅιδας,
<ἒ ἔ.>
ὦ Διὸς αὐθαίμων, εὔνασον εὔνασον μ᾽
ὠκυπέτᾳ μόρῳ τὸν μέλεον φθίσας.

1041 suppl. Dain
αὐθαίμων = of the same blood
ὠκυπέτᾳ = swift-flying

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