Friday, December 27, 2019


Make of It What You Will

Walter Map (c.1130-c.1210), De Nugis Curialium 2.32 (tr. M.R. James, rev. C.N.L. Brooks and R.A.B. Mynors):
I set before you here a whole forest and timberyard, I will not say of stories, but of jottings; for I do not spend time upon cultivation of style, nor, if I did, should I attain to it. Every reader must cut into shape the rough material that is here served up to him, that thanks to their pains it may go forth into the world with a fair outside. I am but your huntsman. I bring you the game, it is for you to make dainty dishes out of it.

Siluam uobis et materiam, non dico fabularum, sed faminum appono; cultui etenim sermonum non intendo, nec si studeam consequar. Singuli lectores appositam ruditatem exculpant, ut eorum industria bona facie prodeat in publicum. Venator vester sum: feras uobis affero, fercula faciatis.

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