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Gaudeamus Igitur

Ludwig Erk (1807-1883), Deutscher Liederschatz, rev. Max Friedlaender, Bd. I (Leipzig: C.F. Peters, [1928?]), p. 193(click once or twice to enlarge):

The Latin lyrics (from the score above, but with some changes in punctuation):
Gaudeamus igitur
juvenes dum sumus:
post jucundam juventutem,
post molestam senectutem,
|: nos habebit humus. :|

Ubi sunt qui ante nos
in mundo fuere?
Vadite ad superos,
transite in inferos,
|: ubi iam fuere? :|

Vita nostra brevis est,
brevi finietur,
venit mors velociter,
rapit nos atrociter,
|: nemini parcetur. :|

Vivat Academia,
vivant Professores!
Vivat membrum quodlibet,
vivant membra quaelibet,
|: semper sint in flore. :|

Vivant omnes virgines,
faciles, formosae!
Vivant et mulieres,
tenerae, amabiles,
|: bonae, laboriosae! :|

Vivat et Respublica
et qui illam regit!
Vivat nostra Civitas,
Maecenatum caritas
|: quae nos hic protegit! :|

Pereat tristitia,
pereant osores,
pereat diabolus,
quivis antiburschius
|: atque irrisores! :|
English version by John Addington Symonds, Wine, Women, and Song (London: Chatto and Windus, Publishers, 1907), pp. 188-189 (preserving the original meter for singing, but transposing the 5th and 6th stanzas):
Let us live, then, and be glad
    While young life's before us!
        After youthful pastime had,
        After old age hard and sad,
    Earth will slumber o'er us.

Where are they who in this world,
    Ere we kept, were keeping?
        Go ye to the gods above;
        Go to hell; inquire thereof:
    They are not; they're sleeping.

Brief is life, and brevity
    Briefly shall be ended:
Death comes like a whirlwind strong,
Bears us with his blast along;
    None shall be defended.

Live this university,
    Men that learning nourish;
        Live each member of the same,
        Long live all that bear its name;
    Let them ever flourish!

Live the commonwealth also,
    And the men that guide it!
        Live our town in strength and health,
        Founders, patrons, by whose wealth
    We are here provided!

Live all girls! A health to you,
    Melting maids and beauteous!
        Live the wives and women too,
        Gentle, loving, tender, true,
    Good, industrious, duteous!

Perish cares that pule and pine!
    Perish envious blamers!
        Die the Devil, thine and mine!
        Die the starched-necked Philistine!
    Scoffers and defamers!

Georg Mühlberg (1863-1925), Cantus

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