Sunday, May 17, 2020


Leaders and Their Influence

Cicero, On the Laws 3.13.30 (tr. Niall Rudd):
For just as the whole state is apt to be infected by the vicious desires of its leaders, so it is healed and set right by their restraint.

Ut enim cupiditatibus principum et vitiis infici solet tota civitas, sic emendari et corrigi continentia.
Id. 3.14.31:
If you're prepared to go back over the records of history, it is plain that the state has taken its character from that of its foremost men. Whatever changes have taken place in the conduct of its leaders have been reproduced in the lives of the people.

Nam licet videre, si velis replicare memoriam temporum: qualescumque summi civitatis viri fuerint, talem civitatem fuisse; quaecumque mutatio morum in principibus exstiterit, eandem in populo secuturam.

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