Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Prayer to Athena

Attic skolion, preserved by Athenaus 15.594c, tr. William D. Furley and Jan Maarten Bremer, Greek Hymns, Vol. I (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2001), p. 259:
Pallas, Triton-born, Lady Athena,
preserve this city and its inhabitants
free of troubles and civic strife
and premature deaths: you and your father.
Greek text (id., Vol. II, p. 214):
Παλλὰς Τριτογένει', ἄνασσ' Ἀθάνα,
ὄρθου τήνδε πόλιν τε καὶ πολίτας
ἄτερ ἀλγέων καὶ στάσεων
καὶ θανάτων ἀώρων σύ τε καὶ πατήρ.
Notes (id., Vol. II, p. 215):

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