Monday, July 13, 2020


Do You Go Along With This Stuff?

Apuleius, Metamorphoses 1.20 (tr. E.J. Kenney):
That was Aristomenes' story. His companion, who from the start had remained stubbornly incredulous and would have no truck with what he told us, broke out: 'Of all the fairytales that were ever invented, of all the lies that were ever told, that takes the biscuit'; and turning to me, 'But you,' he said, 'to judge from your dress and appearance you're an educated man — do you go along with this stuff?'

'Well,' I said, 'my opinion is that nothing is impossible and that we mortals get whatever the Fates have decided for us. You, I, everybody, we all meet with many amazing and unprecedented experiences, which aren't believed when they're told to somebody who lacks first-hand knowledge of them. But I do, I assure you, believe our friend here, and I'm most grateful to him for diverting us with such a charming and delightful story.'

haec Aristomenes. at ille comes eius, qui statim initio obstinata incredulitate sermonem eius respuebat: 'nihil', inquit 'hac fabula fabulosius, nihil isto mendacio absurdius' et ad me conversus: 'tu autem', inquit, 'vir ut habitus et habitudo demonstrat ornatus, accedis huic fabulae?'

'ego vero', inquam, 'nihil impossibile arbitror, sed utcumque fata decreverint, ita cuncta mortalibus provenire: nam et mihi et tibi et cunctis hominibus multa usu venire mira et paene infecta, quae tamen ignaro relata fidem perdant. sed ego huic et credo hercules et gratas gratias memini, quod lepidae fabulae festivitate nos avocavit.'

respuebat codd.: respuerat Bluemner
ornatus codd.: cordatus Stewech
accedis codd.: accredis Petsch
Kenney appears to adopt Stewech's conjecture.

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