Saturday, January 23, 2021


Mortal Enemies

Solomon and Saturn II, lines 177-180 (tr. Tom Shippey):
The clutch of fire and the chill of frost cannot live in the same place, nor can snow and sun bear to live together, but one of them will have to weaken and give in, the one which has less power.

Ne mæg fyres feng    ne forstes cile,
snaw ne sunne    somod eardian,
aldor geæfnan,    ac hira sceal anra gehwylc
onlutan ond onliðigan    ðe hafað læsse mægnn.
The same, tr. Daniel Anlezark:
Fire's grasp and frost's chill, snow and sun, can neither dwell nor endure life together, but either one of them must submit and yield, that which has less power.

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