Tuesday, March 02, 2021


The Whole Damned Lot of Them

Cyril Mango (1928-2021), Byzantium: The Empire of New Rome (New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1981), p. 140, with notes on p. 294 (on Leo the Mathematician):
Among Leo's academic colleagues only Cometas is otherwise attested: we know that he prepared a new edition of Homer, probably one transliterated into the minuscule script.28 Leo himself took some part in editing the text of Plato and possessed several scientific manuscripts including a Ptolemy and a Euclid. He appears to have dabbled in astrology and to have made predictions. One of his students, a certain Constantine the Sicilian, was so shocked by Leo's teaching that he consigned him posthumously to Hell, where he would burn for all eternity along with his fellow-pagans — Plato and Aristotle, Socrates, Epicurus, Homer, Hesiod, Aratus and the whole damned lot of them.29

28 Anthol. Palatina, xv. 36-8. Cf. R. Aubreton, 'La translittération d'Homère,' Byzantion, xxxix (1969), 13-34.

29 P. Matranga, Anecdota graeca (Rome, 1850), 555-6.

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