Thursday, April 15, 2021



Cicero, De Finibus 1.8.27-28 (tr. H. Rackham):
"You must not find fault with members of opposing schools for criticizing each other's opinions; though I always feel that insult and abuse, or ill-tempered wrangling and bitter, obstinate controversy are beneath the dignity of philosophy."

"I am quite of your mind,” said Torquatus; "it is impossible to debate without criticizing, but it is equally impossible to debate properly with ill-temper or obstinacy."

"quamobrem dissentientium inter se reprehensiones non sunt vituperandae; maledicta, contumeliae, tum iracundae contentiones concertationesque in disputando pertinaces indignae philosophia mihi videri solent."

tum Torquatus: "prorsus," inquit, "assentior; neque enim disputari sine reprehensione, nec cum iracundia aut pertinacia recte disputari potest."

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