Wednesday, May 12, 2021


A Rumor Debunked

Tacitus, Annals 4.11.3 (on the rumor that Tiberius killed Drusus; tr. Michael Grant):
My own motive in mentioning and refuting the rumour has been to illustrate by one conspicuous instance the falsity of hearsay gossip, and to urge those who read this book not to prefer incredible tales — however widely current and readily accepted — to the truth unblemished by marvels.

mihi tradendi arguendique rumoris causa fuit, ut claro sub exemplo falsas auditiones depellerem peteremque ab iis, quorum in manus cura nostra venerit, <ne> divulgata atque incredibilia avide accepta veris neque in miraculum corruptis antehabeant.

ne suppl. Rhenanus

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