Friday, June 04, 2021


Contempt for Popular Opinion

Livy 22.39.19-20 (Quintus Fabius Maximus to Lucius Aemilius Paulus; tr. J.C. Yardley):
The truth is all too often in difficulty, but is never extinguished, the saying goes, and the man who despises glory will have true glory. Let people call you cowardly rather than cautious, lethargic rather than judicious, spineless rather than a shrewd tactician. I prefer to have a discerning enemy fearing you than foolish compatriots praising you.

veritatem laborare nimis saepe aiunt, exstingui nunquam. gloriam qui spreverit, veram habebit. sine timidum pro cauto, tardum pro considerato, imbellem pro perito belli vocent. malo te sapiens hostis metuat quam stulti cives laudent.

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