Sunday, June 27, 2021


Family Resemblance

Livy 26.41.24-25 (speech attributed to Publius Cornelius Scipio, later Africanus; tr. J.C. Yardley):
You now see in me a face and expression resembling those of my father and uncle, and you recognize in me their physical features. Soon I shall see to it that I exemplify and reflect also their character, loyalty, and valour, making every one of you say that Scipio, his general, has come back to life, or has been born again.

brevi faciam ut, quemadmodum nunc noscitatis in me patris patruique similitudinem oris voltusque et lineamenta corporis, ita ingenii fidei virtutisque effigiem vobis reddam ut revixisse aut renatum sibi quisque Scipionem imperatorem dicat.
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