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A Morning-Song for Asklepios

Inscriptiones Graecae II² 4533, lines 2-8, tr. William D. Furley and Jan Maarten Bremer, Greek Hymns, Vol. I: The Texts in Translation (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2001), pp. 267-268:
Wake up, Healer Asklepios, lord of the people,
kind-hearted child of Leto's son and holy Koronis.
Shake the sleep from your eyes, hear the prayer
of your worshippers, who joyfully entreat you,
kind Asklepios, for your greatest blessing: health.
Wake up, take pleasure in the hymn we sing.
The Greek, from Furley and Bremer, Vol. II: Greek Texts and Commentary, p. 234:
ἔγρεο Παιήων Ἀσκληπιέ, κοίρανε λαῶν,
Λητοίδου σεμνῆς τε Κορωνίδος ἠπιόφρων παῖ.
ὕπνον ἀπὸ βλεφάρων σκεδάσας εὐχῶν ἐπάκουε
σῶν μερόπων, οἳ πολλὰ γεγηθότες ἱλάσκονται
σὸν σθένος, ἠπιόφρων Ἀσκληπιέ, πρῶτον Ὑγείαν.
ἔγρεο καὶ τεὸν ὕμνον ἰὴ ἰὲ κέκλυθι χαίρων.

χαίρων Maas: χαῖρε lapis
Furley and Bremer's translation omits some things, e.g. the exclamations ἰὴ ἰὲ and the imperative κέκλυθι in the last line.

Another translation, from Emma J. Edelstein and Ludwig Edelstein, Asclepius: Collection and Interpretation of the Testimonies (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998), p. 333 (number 598):
Wake, Paeon Asclepius, lord of men, gentle-minded child of the son of Leto and noble Coronis, dispersing sleep from your eyes, heed the prayers of your worshippers who, rejoicing greatly, propitiate your prime power, Health, gentle-minded Asclepius; wake and be pleased to give ear to your hymn, you whom we invoke with the cry "Hail."

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