Monday, September 27, 2021


A Mark of the Wise Man

Epicurus, fragment 570 Usener (from Diogenes Laertius 10.120; tr. R.D. Hicks):
He will be fond of the country.

φιλαγρήσειν [sc. τὸν σοφὸν Ἐπικούρῳ δοκεῖ].
Usener ad loc.:
amabat Ep. rusticationem aeque atque Horatius (cf. praecipue ep. I 10, 12 sqq.) et Vergilius (georg. II 458 sqq.), uide etiam fr. 571
Here is fragment 571 Usener (from Lactantius, Divine Institutes 3.17.5; tr. Mary Francis McDonald):
For one fleeing the crowd solitude is praised.

fugienti turbam solitudo laudatur [sc. ab Epicuro].

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