Sunday, September 05, 2021


Back-to-School Tips

Augustine, De Ordine 2.8.25 (tr. Silvano Borruso):
You, its youthful students, must begin by abstaining from sex, from the enticement of gluttony and drunkenness, the immodest undue care of body and dress, vain sports and games, the torpor of excess sleep and laziness, ill-mannered rivalry, detraction, envy, ambition for office and power, down to excessive desire for simple praise. Know that the love of money is the certain ruin of all your hopes. Do nothing willy-nilly, or rashly. Do not get angry at the faults of friends and acquaintances, and if you do, swallow your anger, so as not to show it. Refrain from hating anyone. Do nor fall into vice of any kind.

Adulescentibus ergo studiosis eius ita vivendum est, ut a venereis rebus, ab inlecebris ventris et gutturis, ab immodesto corporis cultu et ornatu, ab inanibus negotiis ludorum ac torpore somni atque pigritiae, ab aemulatione obtrectatione invidentia, ab honorum potestatumque ambitionibus, ab ipsius etiam laudis immodica cupiditate se abstineant, amorem autem pecuniae totius suae spei certissimum venenum esse credant. Nihil enerviter faciant, nihil audacter. In peccatis autem suorum vel pellant omnino iram vel ita frenent, ut sit pulsae similis. Neminem oderint, nulla vitia non curare velint.

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